Working at Profilex
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Working at Profilex

Working at Profilex

Working at Profilex

Profilex will provide you with:

    · Competitive salaries and sound benefits
    · Systematic training program
    · Interesting and challenging tasks
    · Pleasant working environment and balanced working life
    · Convenient traffic conditions, etc


The benefits provided by the company include the following:

    1. Insurance: purchase work injury, pension, unemployment, medical insurance and maternity insurance;
    2. Food: dining in the company with meal card;
    3. Accommodation: provide apartments with TV room and hot water room;
    4. Paid annual leave;
    5. Have a dinner party at festivals and hold staff activities irregularly;
    6. Marriage and childbirth gifts;
    7. Free physical examination every year
    8. Year end bonus
    9. Five days and eight hours working system, overtime is calculated according to the labor law

With the rapid development of the company's business in the world, the scale of the production plant in Zhuhai is still expanding. We sincerely invite people with lofty ideals to join us and develop together!